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DUE GI SRL manufactures turnkey systems ranging from compressors installation at the End User’s, to distribution, network, including all electrical and plumbing connection.

Project Details

Thanks to our high professionalism and experience, we are capable of meeting the widest range of Customers’ demands, from small/medium size package units up to large customized turnkey systems.
All products are manufactured, tested, certified and guaranteed in compliance to the specifications and rules required by Customers, including electrical boards and PLC software and hardware.

Compressors,dryers, vessels, chillers and/or heaters can assembled on skids, unique parts which are easy to move, install, transport, and which help avoiding excessive use of space. Besides, there is no need of further assembling operations during the start-up phase; End Users only need to connect their water/power lines to this Package.



  • Replacement of standard electrical panel with the one in compliance to specifications
  • Replacement of control system and standard microprocessor, with PLC based control system
  • Replacement of standard instrumentation with the one in compliance to specifications
  • Addition of instrumentation requested by the Customer and not present in standard machines; these new ones are also in compliance with the specifications
  • All the above instruments are installed in a rack inside the compressor, so it is necessary to change the original enclosure
  • Programming of new software able to manage all the installed instruments, and to communicate with the MCP that manages the entire compressed air system (compressors and dryers)
  • Replacement of standard Manufacturer pipes with the one in compliance to specifications, made of Stainless Steel
  • Addition of the standby oil pump, electrically driven
  • Oil filter in duplex configuration
  • Electric motor in compliance to specifications and suitable for a working environment with a maximum temperature of 55 °C
  • Main and fan motor painted according to the specifications
  • Inter and after coolers in stainless steel
  • Compressor enclosure painted according to the specifications
  • Intake air filter self-cleaning type and suitable to dusty environment


  • 100% Customized, starting from the construction of the pressure vessels, baseplate, piping, valves and all the relevant accessories
  • Instrumentation supplied according to specifications

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